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"Your Personal Safety
is our Primary Concern"
What our Students are saying:

These are but a few of the hundreds of positive comments from our students

What a wonderful book on How to own a gun safely at home. Thank you, Thank you.  I’ll be ordering the next book on carrying concealed shortly.
Gerard P., Naples, Fl

Mr. Haddock, I downloaded your book, “Firearms Safety in the Home”, and I wanted you to know how much I learned from it. I had never owned a gun before and I was very concerned about having one at home because of my kids. Your book was so easy to read and full of so much helpful information that I feel much more comfortable now. I would recommend your book to anyone who is just starting out with a firearm for their own and their family’s protection. Thank you for such a comprehensive and to the point book.  Judith M., South Florida

Dear Sir, I recently completed your Advanced Tactical Pistol Course, and I would like to compliment you and your Instructor Staff for a job well done. I have taken courses from some of the big names in firearms training, and I have never taken such a comprehensive course as yours. I have every confidence that, if I ever had to, I could adequately protect myself or others from some criminal psychopaths’ attack. The in depth training coupled with the complexity of the scenarios you presented will help me avoid a confrontation if possible, but defend myself if I can’t avoid it. I wanted you to know that I appreciate what you’re doing, and the training you provided was well worth the money I invested in the course. Gonzalo G., Dallas, TX

Who says you can’t learn how to handle a gun over the internet? I have ordered two of your programs and I have been able to go to my local range and shoot, following your instructions, better that my brother who actually took lessons from an instructor here. Thanks.  Michael M., Tulsa, OK

Please enroll me in your “OnLine Academy” and start my free Newsletter as soon as possible. I don’t think I could get better instructions from any other online source. I also have ordered your Home Defense Kit, and I am looking forward to receiving it.  Amanda K., Newark, NJ

I know that you say that I should get more training from a local nra certified instructor, but for right now, I have learned more that I ever thought I could from your book. I will get more training locally, but before I do, I want to purchase your new book about carrying your gun concealed first. I know that the more I know in advance, the less it will cost me for local lessons.
I am a single mother and I don’t have a lot of money to spend, so I want you to know how much I appreciate your company and products. Thank you. Joyce D., Atlanta, GA

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